“Which Side Shall We Fight for Now,” he Asked?

“Which Side Shall We Fight for Now,” he Asked?

The Tarringtons have returned to America seeking to build a new life—their first duty: rescue Kathryn’s nephew Gabriel, being held in an English jail. After that, which side shall they embrace? A difficult decision for former members of the infamous British Dragoon TRIO that fought passionately with Lord Cornwallis in the Revolutionary War.

“Is Jack disappointed at this turn of events?” Kathryn asked, eyeing her husband thoughtfully. “Yes, I believe he is, but there will be other opportunities,” Jason replied. “This war is not over, Kathryn, despite the fact that his Lordship surrendered at Yorktown. It will be another year, possibly more, before all the troops return to England.” He shrugged, and noting the spark of excitement flashing in his wife’s eyes, sucked in a sharp breath; it was exactly as he had feared.

“And which side shall we support this time, my love?” His question caught her off guard. She opened her mouth to comment, but closed it. Studying him through narrowed eyes she remained silent, attempting to gauge his mood before formulating an answer.

“Which side, my love?” he pushed more insistently. “Well, I felt we …” she began, hedging slightly. “And what of your rebel brother and his loyalties?” Jason asked quietly, well aware of her dilemma. Burying her face in her hands she shook her head. “I do not know,” she said mournfully. Touching her cheek, he moved closer, crouching to capture her full attention.

“If, when we settle this situation with Gabriel …” she began. “Rescuing your nephew is our first priority, and will be accomplished before any other decisions are made. But once he is safe,” he said firmly skewering her with a long look, “I ask you again … which side, my love?”

“At that time, I guess our place must be on …” she hesitated. “The rebel’s side,” he answered firmly. Kathryn eyed him uneasily. “But how will you or I or even Jack feel about that abrupt change? Some of our former allies may still be …” Tears of confusion welled in her eyes, an errant drop escaping to drift the length of her cheek.

With a tender swipe of his thumb, Jason captured it. “I intend to take one step at a time, my Kathryn,” he said softly. “I will do what I must do to protect you, first and foremost, our children and Jack. We have come home by choice, and we will protect our new home if necessary.” He tilted her chin up brushing her lips with a meaningful kiss. “Is that an acceptable answer, my love? For it is the best I can give at the moment.”

At her nod he smiled, his gaze showering her with warmth. “You and I must adapt, step back from our former existence, and become an integral part of life in our new home. But do not fret, my Kathryn, our choices will include danger and adventure—as life always does. There will be skirmishes, perhaps a heated confrontation upon occasion. Trust me; you will have a chance to become involved.


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