The Beyond Trilogy - By Joan Winfield Currie
Beyond All Reason



The saga begun in
“Beyond All Reason”
and continues in
“Beyond All Odds” and
"Beyond The Horizon"


Excerpt from “Beyond The Horizon”

A Novel By: J. Winfield Currie


“Pssst, Gabriel.”


“Gabriel,” a more insistent whisper.

Shuffling steps approached the heavy, wooden-planked door and stopped. A dirty, blonde head leaned forward and pressed against the metal bars. Clutching the bars with both hands, he rolled his head to one side slowly and eyed the tall guard.

“What good news?” he rasped. “Or just the usual?”

The low-lying moon, just barely visible through the small window in the fieldstone wall, gave indication that the hour was either late, or extremely early — depending upon one’s point of view.

“Well?” he snapped.

“They will arrive any day now,” came the terse response, purposely stated softly so as not to awaken the other prisoners. “Your father left a note for them at the inn.”

“And how can he be so sure they will sail into Charleston? Or go to that specific inn? Or even bother to return here, where discovery could mean their death? Another death,” he added sarcastically.

“They will have heard the news of the war in England by now: far safer to remain there than to risk coming back here. For Christ’s sake, Cornwallis surrendered two months ago and still we fight. Those poor bastards in the other cells were taken at Eutaw Springs well before that, and yet they are still here, although the war is declared over. And I …”

“Are you quite done?” The guard’s patience finally gave out on an angry expletive. “You know as well as I, Savannah and Charleston still remain British strongholds; here, it will not be over soon.”

Gabriel opened his mouth to grumble more, but was immediately cut off.

“Listen to me and listen closely. I have not risked my neck to have you turn sullen and cranky, giving up so close to the end.”

He reached a large hand through the bars and squeezed a sagging shoulder.

“You know they will come. But it is a very long journey, the time of year dictates the seas and winter is not always friendly. But quite honestly, Gabriel, do you truly think Kathryn would ever attempt to adopt, or even fit into English society?”

Gabriel actually managed a chuckle at that statement. “No,” he answered, “she will hate every moment.”

“As will Jason. You saw him before he left and noticed the distinct changes in him.”

“You are right, Samuel. But I have been here for so long it seems a lifetime. My wife is unwell with this pregnancy, and I worry for her. My father’s hands are tied as far as attempting to free me, for they would just as gladly kill him for his former position in this war. He was responsible for numerous empty English saddles in many battles. By holding me, they had hoped to lure him in. But that has not happened and I question my longevity at this point.”

“Trust me, you have great value. I will explain it to you some other time.”

“But what of my father? The stress he must endure over being unable to lift a finger. My father does not handle a sense of impotence well at all.”

“But he is handling the situation well, Gabriel.” He paused. “As you must also.”

Gabriel dropped his forehead to the cell bars with a soft groan.

“They will sail into Charleston, an English favoring harbor, on an English ship. They will go to that inn because its simplicity always appealed to Kathryn and her brother. The innkeeper will recognize her, for who but a blind man could fail to notice the incredible family resemblance?”

Gabriel raised sad eyes and nodded slowly.

“Do not give up on me now when we are so near the end.”

“At least I am finally healed from the beatings, thanks to you. But there is much I wish to hear in an uninterrupted telling someday. Short, secretive bursts of information are difficult to piece together.”

“You need know nothing more than, they will be here. You will be home before Silver Fox gives birth.” He squeezed the young man’s shoulder with assurance. “Besides, you will finally meet your cousin, Gabrielle, and her new little brother or sister.”

He hesitated for a moment and Gabriel noticed his proud grin.

“And I will be a godfather.”

Turning quickly he stepped away, leaving Gabriel shaking his head in disbelief at how quietly such a big man could move.

Ahh, Hodges he thought to himself, I knew you were a good man the day you helped me save their lives.



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