The Beyond Trilogy - By Joan Winfield Currie
Beyond All Reason



The saga begun in
“Beyond All Reason”

and continues in
"Beyond The Horizon"


Excerpt from "Beyond the Horizon"
Chapter 8 Plans Set in Motion


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“Beyond The Horizon”

A Novel By: J. Winfield Currie


(Book III of a Trilogy) ISBN #978-1-4363-7063-9

The saga begun in “Beyond All Reason” continues.

Charleston, SC early 1782. Although Lord Cornwallis had surrendered at Yorktown, British troops remained in both Charleston and Savannah. American General Nathanael Greene lingered nearby, refusing to leave until a valid signed peace treaty was presented.

Just arrived from England, Kathryn and Jason encounter an atmosphere rife with tension. Although the war may have been declared over, the reality is quite different. To a proud city, still struggling to forget past humiliation suffered under his Lordship, ongoing British presence is a painful reminder; neither have they forgiven Colonel Jason Tarrington … and his wife.

The Tarringtons must not be recognized, for they have a difficult mission to accomplish: rescue Kathryn’s nephew, a former rebel militia officer. Held for several months by British contingencies, and as equally well-known as they, his rescue will be extremely dangerous. Once accomplished, they intend to put the war behind them and begin a new life with their family. But neither side will react well to Gabriel’s rescue … or the fact that the notorious Tarringtons still live. For now, Charleston holds only danger. Where can they safely start over? The tentative answer appears to lie in the wilderness … Beyond the Horizon.

For in the vast, pristine forests of the Carolinas, incredible possibilities exist for the taking. Danger constantly lurks and one’s life is often in peril at the hands of devious strangers, former dragoon comrades, even … family. An unexpected opportunity will present itself, one that renews old acquaintances and introduces new ones. In this emotional blockbuster there will be shared joys and sorrows as life moves on … and an ending you will never forget.



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