The Beyond Trilogy - By Joan Winfield Currie
Beyond All Reason



The saga continues in
“Beyond All Odds” and
"Beyond The Horizon"


Sample a 'cameo' from Chapter 26
A Chance Encounter with Gabriel


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“Beyond All Reason”

A Novel By: J. Winfield Currie


(Book I of a Trilogy) ISBN #978-1-4257-9804-8

The year is 1776, early on in the Revolutionary War: a time of fevered fighting in the North but in the South, as yet only a sporadic belly grumble. But that will all change. In the Carolinas this war is, and will continue to be, more a civil conflict — one of divided loyalties and families torn asunder. It is a war pitting brother against brother — or as in this case, brother against sister. Meet Kathryn Cameron MacLean: hers is a world of adventure rife with passion, grief, joy, guilt-ridden sorrow, fulfillment and loss.

Kathryn and Jamie will choose sides, accepting their fate, yet ultimately questioning the individual judgment that brings aching loss and guilt. For theirs is a destiny that pits a once devoted brother and sister against one another in a devastating war of long-reaching results: a war they will both try to survive. One opts for defense of a brave, new country; and one for a passion that could not be denied. As their tale unfolds, you will be inexorably lured into another time and place: often harsh, judgmental, and unrelenting — much like today’s world. You will share their victories and losses: to judge them... or not.

As the Revolutionary War moves into the South, a richly woven tapestry of characters emerges. Lord Cornwallis strides boldly across the pages in his desperate struggle to quell the rebel upstarts and capture the South. Major Patrick Ferguson, unable to change his destiny, arrogantly rushes to a cruel fate. Lieutenant-Colonel Banastre Tarleton, branded ‘butcher’ in his callous disregard for life: yet caught in a very human moment of weakness.

You will be slowly introduced to a wealth of personalities, both real and fictitious, full-bodied action, and an ending that may shock you.



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