The Beyond Trilogy - By Joan Winfield Currie
Beyond All Reason



The saga begun in
“Beyond All Reason”

and continues in
"Beyond The Horizon"


Excerpt from "Beyond All Odds"
Chapter 3 'Lord Cornwallis'


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“Beyond All Odds”

A Novel By: J. Winfield Currie


(Book II of a Trilogy) ISBN #978-1-4257-9806-2

The saga begun in “Beyond All Reason” continues.

March 15, 1781, late afternoon of a cold, dreary, unforgiving day; and the battle at Guilford Courthouse, NC continues to rage on — both sides now showing equal signs of exhaustion. The unexpected arrival of fresh American troops inspires General Greene’s soldiers to fight with renewed vigor and steadily force the British army back.

General Cornwallis must level the playing field … or forfeit yet one more battle he cannot afford to lose. With only a moment’s hesitation, he gives the order; British artillery roars, spewing deadly grapeshot into the midst of the melee, killing indiscriminately … both rebel and British soldiers falling under the onslaught.

As the smoke clears, Lieutenant Jackson, a British dragoon officer, finds himself miraculously still amongst the living. Scanning the crumpled bodies scattered across the red, oozing mud, he mourns the devastating loss of friends, unknown foes … and two people who had encompassed his very life for the past five years.

But grieving must wait for he has a sacred promise to fulfill: rescue an innocent child before she becomes a pawn in this war. For she would be considered a ‘valuable prize’ by either side.

However … do appearances always represent reality? Has everything truly been lost on the battlefield? To whom can he turn? Where can he go? And is the refuge to which Lieutenant Jackson ultimately flees with little Gabrielle Tarrington truly a haven … or merely just another hell on earth?

Once again we watch the interplay between fictitious characters and those who actually lived in that era: Lord Cornwallis, Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton and a new addition to the saga: John Paul Jones.



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