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Joan Winfield Currie grew up on a small working dairy farm situated on the South Shore of Massachusetts. A graduate of Mass College of Art in Boston, she has taught art, operated a part-time freelance design studio, displayed fantasy watercolors in local art shows, worked many years in retail hardware — and writes.

Daughter of a taxidermist who loved camping, fishing and hunting, she grew up shooting skeet in the back fields, skiving hides for tanning, riding horses, milking cows and participating in the daily rhythm of farm life: an uncommon upbringing by today’s standards. This unique background proved invaluable when creating different aspects of her novels — especially her heroine’s independent, earthy, self-sufficient nature.


Creating The ‘BEYOND’ TRILOGY...

My Personal Journey



British actor Jason Isaacs’ brilliant portrayal of the evil colonel in ‘The Patriot’


Create a strong, yet believable female role model. Can love truly overcome evil? Depict present day emotional turmoil, set in a different era and portrayed with vivid reality.

BRIEF SYNOPSIS of each book


Never create an outline or work in organized progression. Write first and last chapters, all else in a ‘puzzle-pieces’ fashion: a good way to avoid dry spells.

‘Connect’ with characters for heightened authenticity, living their lives, rather than creating from external observation.
Storyline comes first using history as a ‘prop’, adapting to allow my interpreting actions of such formerly living people as Lord Cornwallis, General Nathanael Greene and John Paul Jones, seamlessly interweaving them with my fictitious characters: a delightful challenge.


A comparison of: Self-Publishing (Publish-on-Demand) vs. Traditional Publishing and Print-on-Demand (a production technology used by both industries.


Never give up, take one step at a time and enjoy the ‘journey’!




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